Spring-Succulent Inspired Bouquet!

Hello Everyone! 

I cannot believe this is all happening!!! This is officially my first Website and now my first Blog Post ever!!! How exciting is that?! I'm so nervous, I do not know what I want to say, or how to really approach this, so I'll be recruiting my son for a little bit of help, but I promise you these will all be my thoughts, feelings and love :) 

So I am embarking on a new journey and I would like to invite you all to be a part of it and get a glimpse of this love and passion of mine. I am sure that my Granddaughter Amora will make guests appearances here and there, so stay tuned! 

So this latest creation came to be from an invitation that I extended to my son to accompany me to The Flower Market here in Downtown LA. We made our way through the market, selecting the ingredients for this lovely Succulent-Spring Inspired Bouquet and I was immediately filled with excitement to see the end result which you'll see below. A special thanks to my Son for coming with me, helping select each piece and of course for taking these lovely pictures! You can see more of his work here

Make sure you watch the short video featured at the bottom of this post!